Does wholeness hold a key for natural intelligence?


In the process of growing up, most of us, in attempting to deal with our world, have ended up constraining our native intelligence in multiple ways. We’ve created filters that limit who we are and what we can perceive, at the unconscious level, without even knowing we're doing it.

The Wholeness Work gives us a way to tap into these constraints, to become conscious of them, and release them.

This releases our native problem-solving ability and wisdom, enhances our natural empathy, and allows us to have greater clarity on our wants and needs. It tends to unleash our natural sense of humor, and expand our sense of choice.

In this workshop, you’ll learn an introductory format of the Wholeness Work. This format helps us to dissolve the constraints and tensions we may take on in response to life’s little stresses, without even needing to consciously understand them. This is an important “niche” that is often overlooked in NLP. And this format is also a “first step” towards learning the advanced Wholeness Work formats, which help us resolve significant issues at a deep level.

The Wholeness Work is a new system of inner transformation. In the process of exploring what spiritual teachers call “awakening,” Connirae Andreas has uncovered a precise, systematic way of evolving our consciousness, that easily and naturally transforms our issues. She has discovered that new models and presuppositions are necessary to accomplish the very deepest level of transformation, which we might call the “being” or “spiritual” level.

Tamara Andreas is co-author of the book, Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within.

 As an international trainer, she has helped thousands of seminar participants in more than 12 countries benefit from life-changing methods, including Wholeness Work and Core Transformation. She has also developed advanced Core Transformation formats, to meet the needs of a wider range of clients. Her own client-work includes deep levels of transformation, making change easier and more complete. Her latest project is producing an intensive training for Coach Certification, together with Mark Andreas.

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